Lithuanian Gnome translations and me

This page is a desperate cry of former Lithuanian Gnome translator, who's contributions are abused by Lithuanian Gnome translation team. This page might be insulting to some of you, but before you accuse me for spreading FUD or false accusations, you should know something about me. I don't lie. I never lie. Most of my thoughts are observations and I can prove all facts that I've stated below by digging up my personal emails or mailing list messages. If somebody pushes me to the limit, I will dig all the facts required to prove my statements.


In 2003 Lithuanian Gnome Desktop translation was lingering at 50%. It was outdated. I've decided to push translation to 100% and started working on Gnome translations. Between 2003-2004 I have submitted numerous translations. My contributions included full translations and updates of libraries, development packages and rarely used programs. I've submitted translations without asking anything in return and without complains. Within two releases Lithuanian Gnome went from unsupported to 100%. My goal was accomplished. If you want to estimate size of my contributions, you can lookup current Gnome Desktop translations and count files that have my name with 2003-2004 date in them.

After that Gnome translation coordinator maintained translations without asking me for help or updates. Gnome translations were not my primary work on OSS and I've acted as passive translator, who reacts only when team coordinator asks for it. He never asked.

Couple years later Lithuanian Open Source organization gave financial reward to Lithuanian Gnome coordinator Ž.Beručka for his work on Gnome. Ž.Beručka silently accepted it. Such behavior insulted me. I don't care about money, but I do care when others get money for my work that I give away for free. It was a spit in my face, because person who was only coordinator of translation team accepted reward without giving any credits to people, who actually made 100% Lithuanian Gnome Desktop. Maintaining translation at 100% is a lot easier than pushing it from 50% to 100%.

After this insult I've decided not to work on Gnome Desktop, if it is run by such unscrupulous person as Ž.Beručka. I've found niche, unmaintained Gnome Office packages and translated them.

After translating over 3000 strings in Gnumeric and learning about "file" translation style wars on Lithuanian translation mailing list, I've decided to protect my work by putting up older version of this page and asking people to respect my contribution and do not change "file" translation style.

Just like with Gnome Desktop, language team coordinators choose to fix reported mistakes and update my work without involving me in process.

In 2009 Ž.Beručka unilaterally replaced translation style to version that was not acceptable by me. He abused privileges given to him by Gnome project and changed translation without even trying to contact me.

Team members claim that they updated translation to make it consistent with other Gnome translations, but they choose to ignore the fact that they made this translation inconsistent with other Gnome-Office translations and Ž.Beručka updated the only translation that had original translator's veto on "file" translation. Gnumeric is most important package in Gnome Office and they changed only it. Dia, Mergeant, Planner and all libraries remained untouched for months, if not years. These people are trying to oust all their "file" opponents by placing themselves in strategically important positions and exercising acquired rights to modify translations without approval of original translators.

In 2010 I reviewed translation and noticed style changes that outraged me. I've tried contacting translation committer Ž.Beručka and translation coordinator G.Miliauskas only to be ignored for two months until some Ž.Beručka's reply on gnome-i18n mailing list triggered my violent response and forced him to respond to my emails. Lithuanian Gnome team members accused me of passiveness (caused by lack of actions from their side), bragged about their successes in replacing other translations, pointed at some rules written by themselves (without actually giving any link) and refused to respect my opinion and my contributions in Gnome. I send alarming email to gnome-i18n mailing list only to be silenced by project admins, who declare their neutrality, but always side with translation team heads, even when those heads violate basic translation team management rules.

I've decided to do final morality test on team coordinator. I've reverted unacceptable "file" translations, translated fuzzy and untranslated strings and posted updated translation on Vertimus. Team coordinator could either accept my translation version without style changes or he could reject it based on the ground that he understands my feelings about it, he can't accept translation with my translation style and he does not want to outrage me by using my work and applying same translation style changes. Instead of choosing any of these options G.Miliauskas took my translation, reverted "file" translation to Ž.Beručka's version and committed translation with my name on it. I went berserk.

After yet another flame on gnome-i18n people again sided with corrupted language team heads, tried to silence me, used GPL to cover immoral actions of these people. I've asked Ž.Beručka to prove validity of his style changes by collecting absolute majority on komp_lt mailing list. This was main method of replacing "file" translation proposed in older version of this page. If he followed this method in the first place, he would not have caused my outrage. Ž.Beručka refused to handle issue on even ground, called Lithuanian language discussion mailing list "unrelated third party" and choose to stay within protection of his team members and "neutral" Gnome project admins. After gnome admins asked to stop flame, he continued to accuse me in FUD. He could stop and wanted to make sure that his reply that mocks me is the last reply in the list.

I've submitted gnumeric-functions translations that were on my tab during my fruitless efforts to restore my rights and canceled my membership in Lithuanian Gnome translation team. I don't want to be associated with people who have no moral standards and don't respect my work on Gnome.

List of Lithuanian "failas" gang members

If you deal with these people, beware that if you go against them you will be ditched, insulted and mocked by them.


I will continue to maintain Gnome Office translations here, but I refuse to submit them to Gnome until those unscrupulous translators lose their access to Lithuanian gnome-office translation or their changes are reverted and justice is restored. You can check status of my work here, but if you are not some primate and have soul or moral standards, you shouldn't submit those translations in original or modified form to Gnome. Thanks.

Tomas Kuliavas

List of my Gnome Office translations: